swamphy is an online shop that focuses on artist-made designs inspired by my favorite creatures and themes.

The shop first started in 2015, offering a limited variety of products to get a taste of what it’s like to sell my creations to other people. Ever since then, a lingering desire to make the shop grow trailed after ever since, and that desire has turned to passion and devotion in February 2019.

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Artist, Creator

I am the sole artist behind all the designs in this shop and packaging the orders, driven by passion and love for creating!

After years of taking commissions and designing characters, I tested the waters in selling some of my creations online in 2015, and years later decided to make it my job. Since then, I’ve fully devoted myself into thoroughly learning the ins-and-outs of product manufacturing, shipping and handling, machinery for at-home printing… and I loved and still love every second of it!

I still remember the absolute joy and gratitude of my first sale, and that feeling has never gone away. I still relive that same experience every time someone enjoys my creations, and I strive to do better and deliver outstanding quality to keep giving people that happiness!