SWAMPHY'S Commissions Terms of Service

If you decide to order a commission from me, I advise you to read the entirety of this page. Violation or disregard of my terms will result in:

  • – Refunded payments, if applicable.
  • – Rescinding any commissioned artwork by me.
  • – Prohibiting you from commissioning me again.

– Upon having requested and paid for a commission, you have read, understood, and agreed to my terms.

  • – All payments will be sent via PayPal invoices in EUR (€).
  • – All payments are upfront.
  • – Payments are to be sent only after I have accepted your commission.
  • – Payment is to be sent within 48 hours. I will only start work after the payment has been sent.

_ Refunds are only applicable if I, the artist, am unable to complete the commission within the estimated timeframe.
– Clients have the right to request a cancellation before having sent payment.
– I, the artist, reserve the right to cancel a commission for any reason without being obligated to provide an explanation.

– Prices are non-negotiable.
– Prices are subject to change should you request additional characters in a single commission.

– I will not redo commissions.
– Minor corrections and alterations are free of cost. Major corrections and alterations are not possible.
– Corrections and alterations to gain profit for individual use is not allowed.

– I, the artist, own all copyrights over the artwork itself (not necessarily the characters therein).
– I retain all rights to use the artwork in my portfolio or for self-promotion, however:
          » If, for any given reason, the client wishes for their commission to remain private, it is their responsibility to give me a prior notice regarding this, as well as providing a set date for it to be able to be made public.
– Clients do not have permission to sell the artwork in any form (art prints, physical merchandise, et alia) unless previously discussed and agreed upon.